FOREX Trading Software That Runs Completely Online, As Well As Providing A Complete FOREX Educational System… Sounds Too Good To Be True, Don’t You Think…

Forex ProfitCaster is the latest offering from Bill and Greg Poulos, two of the best-known names in FOREX educational and forecast profits.  They are rerelasing a new version so we have updated our review.  But, if you’re anything like us, seeing yet another product entering the marketplace makes us raise a cynical eyebrow. Because, let’s face it, can this new creation really offer the FOREX trader anything different.

But, and we have to allow for this, these Poulos boys certainly know their stuff. So, we’ve stroked down those involuntary hackles on the back of our necks, and delved deep into what Forex ProfitCaster is really all about – and if it’s actually worth you shelling out your hard earned profit caster 300x132 Forex Profit Caster Review   Is Bill Poulos Program Good?

What we found makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?
Okay, so one of the most important aspects of Forex ProfitCaster is that it runs totally online. This means that not only can you access it from anywhere in the world with an ADSL Internet connection, but that it’s not platform specific. Whether you use a Mac, iPad, PC, Windows or whatever, as long as you’ve got a fully featured browser, then you’re ready to go with Forex ProfitCaster.

The program consists of the following:
Web-based trade alert software: This is custom written software that uses what is agreed within the industry as the breakthrough proprietary ‘triangle’ forecasting algorithms.
Trade alert messages: You can receive these via text message or email.
Dual trading methods: Two trading methods and hourly and end of day charts.
Physical home study course: Including 4 CD-ROM video tutorials, a full color reference manual, trading blueprints and a quick start guide, so you can get going as soon as possible.
Online group coaching sessions: A weekly chance to be in contact with Bill Poulos and his trading team for online Q&A sessions.
Full service and support: Lifetime access to the members’ website, as well as a year’s unlimited email support.

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Who is it for?
One of the biggest plus points about Forex ProfitCaster is that it’s suitable for every level of FOREX trader. The thing is, the crux of being a successful trader is all down to your knowledge level, the quality of your alerts and knowing exactly what to do with them.

And Forex ProfitCaster literally leads the novice (and not so novice) trader by the hand, teaching them the wealth of information that Bill’s spent the last 35+ years gaining. And then you can take that information (wherever on the planet you might be, thanks to it being online), and use it to make your own serious profits trading FOREX.

Whether you’re a rookie trader, been dabbling for a few years or have spent a large proportion of your life not gaining the returns you need from your trading, the Forex ProfitCaster could well be right up your street.

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Who are Bill and Greg Poulos?
Bill poulos 300x300 Forex Profit Caster Review   Is Bill Poulos Program Good?Well, you can’t be in the FOREX world for long without coming across the names of Bill and/or Greg Poulos. Bill is both a trader of many years experience as well as an investment educator. And he learned his trading lessons the hard way – on the trading floor developing the knowledge and discipline needed to be profitable on a basis that sustains itself.

And it’s the combination of both these educational and trading knowledge that meant that these guys have produced such well-received software programs in the past, such as the Forex Profit Multiplier, to name but one.

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The Pros

  • So, we love the fact that Forex ProfitCaster is not platform specific and is completely online. This means that wherever you are, on whatever computer with whatever operating system, you can access the program with ease. There’s also no need to download and install anything on your own computer, so freeing it up to run faster and store other items.
  • The program runs on two different time frames – both hourly and end of day. And if you want more, then there are upgrades available if you wish.
  • Because the program consists of both an educational section and an alert system, it doesn’t mean that the novice FOREX trader is excluded from benefiting from the program. And even those who’ve been trading for years are likely to find the educational portion highly beneficial.
  • The alert software is based on the most up to date, breakthrough forecasting algorithms known at the ‘triangle’ system. This means that you’re sure that you’re trading using what is the most advanced system available – and that’s been developed through some of the best brains in the business.

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The Cons
Okay, so you are going to have to put a little time and effort into the educational portion of Forex ProfitCaster if you’re a FOREX rookie. However, learning from guys such as Bill and Greg Poulos means that you can rest assured that you’re taking advice and education from some of the most experienced and successful guys in the industry.

And naturally, no alert software can ever guarantee you a 100% success rate. It’s how you take that information and use it that’s vital, but by learning as much as you can through the education provided, you truly can maximize your chances of making the profits that right now you only dream possible.

The Bottom Line
Okay, so we honestly thought that Forex ProfitCaster was going to be a re-hash of the previous Poulos programs, but we were wrong. Because this little baby really does have something new to offer, and not just for the novice trader – but for those who know their stuff as well.

And being as Bill and Greg also offer a no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, then taking a well-judged punt on Forex ProfitCaster really is a no-brainer, in our humble opinion. This program is sure going to have some happy recipients out there – perhaps you should be one of them…

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Forex Profit Caster is coming…

by admin on October 3, 2012

I just got an email from Bill Polous that his newest trading program Forex Profit Caster is coming.  This looks like a program you will not want to miss if you are wanting to make real money in the Forex market.5902557577 0cceab6259 m Forex Profit Caster is coming...

I always am curious about Bill’s programs so I will be reviewing the program as time gets closer.  The program will be launched on Oct 15th but you will start to get free training videos from Bill on the 8th.

It’s coming soon people.  Don’t buy the program before you read my killer review.